Spring Seedlings Update 4 weeks

Sunflowers perimeter, capsicum right side (not sprouted yet), rocket either end, carrots adjacent to rocket inner, broad bean bush centre (the largest) leaf.

Pumpkin not yet planted, still need to choose location.
Slugs and slaters in great numbers from mulch compost beneath attacked seedlings.
Multiguard iron chelate pellets (pet safe EDTA, unlike poisonous metaldehyde) to provide fatal decoys.
Lost one broad bean sprout due to leaves totally eaten off, removed and replaced with another.
I took macro photos and HD video with the Canon 500d DSLR, catching the slaters in plague numbers just before the pellets kept them away from the surface, I even caught some red handed while munching on the broad bean seedling.
I noticed ants going for the sprouting bean’s mushy protein centre once exposed.
Daily watering by a 9L hand watering plastic can, twice (18L) usually covers all sufficiently.
Coffee grind oil repels water like a duck’s back, so I don’t recommend it for surface protection.  The carrots still sprouted similar to the non-coffee grind side.
I’m using the coffee grind around the perimeter now to keep the water washing back towards the middle, and to fill up the holes the slaters made as a highway to the surface.

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